Head & Neck Essential Care Pack

Our Head & Neck Essential Care Pack includes:

  • QV Gentle Wash (250ml): It is designed for dry and sensitive skin that you will most likely experience during your radiotherapy treatment
  • QV Cream(100ml): Highly concentrated moisturing cream for your dry and sensitive skin that you can apply after daily radiotherapy session.
  • Oral 7 Moisturing Mouthwash(500ml): Non- alcohol and non- methol mouthwash specially formulated with natural enzymes to help reinforce the functions of healthy saliva as you may experience radiation- induced mucositis during your radiotherapy treatment
  • Oral 7 Moisturising Gel (50g): To relieve dry mouth encountered during radiotherapy.
    Bonjela Gel (15g): Aid in the healing and relieve the pain of mouth ulcers.
  • Oral 7 Toothpaste(75ml): Non Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (Drying agent) and to maintain good oral hygiene and cleans away the bacteria associated with bad breath, sore gums, cavities and plaque.
  • -Soft- bristled toothbrush: Essential to prevent gum bleeding during your treatment
    Difflam Lozenges: Contains benzydamine which helps to relieve pain and irritation of the mouth and throat.
  • Soluble Paracetomol: To provide fast and effective relief for pain during swallowing.
    Ensure Plus Milk Packets: Comes in 3 different flavours to supplement your nutrition requirements during radiotherapy treatment

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