Greenfield Consultancy

Greenfield projects are termed as such because they involve the conversion of a fresh site into an operational and functional cancer hospital. AARO has the capacity and expertise to undertake such projects either as consultants providing clinical and operational oversight, or as operators of the centre to employ, train and supervise local staff to efficiently run the centre.

In addition to having in-depth knowledge of project management and facility design with the aim of eventual seamless operations, AARO will also be able to assist in financial projections and business development to ensure financial feasibility of the project. AARO’s expertise and network in B2B and B2C interactions within the healthcare industry will serve clients and investors well in partnership development, project financing, and overall project modelling.

AARO has a proven track record in the successful implementation of greenfield projects, having set up a comprehensive private cancer centre in Moscow in 2017 from scratch. We are also currently involved in setting up an integrated state-of-the-art cancer hospital in Johor which is slated to become operational in 2019.

Click here for a testimonial written by the team from the Medscan Onco-Radiology Centre in Moscow, Russia.

Our Greenfield services include:

    • Feasibility Studies and advisory service
    • Hospital Project and demand modelling
    • Oncology Project design and management
      • Goal setting and strategic directions
      • Market research
      • Human resources development – manpower hiring plan, organizational structure
      • Marketing and business development
      • Service line development in line with end-points
    • Performance evaluation – assessment of goals and deadlines


  • Facility design with project timelines
  • Floorplan evaluation and design
  • Medical and non-medical equipment planning
  • Equipment procurement – tendering, commissioning and accreditation
  • Hospital Information System evaluation and procurementPicture3

Marketing and Financing

  • Project financing
  • Project planning responsibilities and financial outcomes modelling
  • Volume trends and market share by sub-specialty and/or service line
  • Partnership development – referral network, B2B arrangements
  • Marketing strategy and materials for potential patients – Website and social media

Operational readiness

  • Patient Experience conceptualization and consultancy
  • SOPs and workflow development
  • Professional training programme
  • Facility management/operations
  • Onsite readiness and operational managementPicture4
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Feedback management
  • Quality and performance indicators

Click here for a testimonial written by the team from the Medscan Onco-Radiology Centre in Moscow, Russia

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