Pinlon Gastrointestinal & Liver Centre

In November 2014, AAMG entered into a joint venture agreement with Pinlon Hospital and 30th Street Clinic to establish and operate a premier liver and gastrointestinal centre in Yangon, Myanmar.

The Pinlon Gastrointestinal & Liver Centre (PGLC) – located in privately-held Pinlon Hospital – is the first centre in Myanmar dedicated to the treatment of liver disease.

PGLC officially opened on 6 March 2016 and will serve both local and international patients. The centre offers patient consultations, advanced treatments and specialised procedures such as endoscopy and liver transplantation.

PGLC is run in collaboration with 30th Street Clinic, a diagnostics and healthcare centre headed by top hepatologist and academic Professor Khin Maung Win.

Led by Professor Khin and AAMG’s Executive Chairman Dr Tan Kai Chah, a team of medical specialists from AAMG and 30th Street will work together to improve the quality of liver treatment in Myanmar. Dr Tan and his AAMG colleagues will travel regularly to Yangon to conduct consultations and surgeries alongside local doctors at PGLC.

The international medical centre also leverages AAMG’s longstanding collaboration with U.S.-based University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (“UPMC”). The world-renowned UPMC is ranked No. 13 in the prestigious U.S. News & World Report annual Honour Roll of America’s Best Hospitals. Through AAMG, doctors and nurses from PGLC will have the option to undergo training stints in Singapore or the U.S. in order to gain exposure to global best practices.

To make an appointment, please contact:

Pinlon Liver Centre, Yangon, Myanmar
No. 9/1, Saya San Road, 27th Quarter,
North Dagon Township Yangon, Myanmar