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Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer remains a major health care concern especially in Asia. Prevention is better than treatment, and knowing the major aetiologies allow us to develop appropriate
strategies to minimize future development of liver cancer.

Fatty Liver

You Could Have A Fatty Liver – and Not Know It

It is often discovered in patients aged 40 to 60, and if left alone, the repercussions could be deadly.

Liver Cancer

“Primary Liver Cancer: Be INFORMED!”

Liver cancer is a malignant tumour within the organ itself. There are two types of liver cancer: primary liver cancer and secondary (metastatic) liver cancer.

Hepatitis C

“Hepatitis C: Are you at RISK?”

Hepatitis C is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver. It can lead to chronic hepatitis as well as increase your risks of liver failure, cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and liver cancer.

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