Grand Hantha Consultation

Since November 2017, Dato’ Dr Tan Kai Chah has been providing monthly consultation to patients at Grand Hantha International Hospital (GHIH), located in Yangon, Myanmar. Dr Tan has also started performing surgical procedures from July 2018 for hepatobiliary disorders.

GHIH is a 700-bed multi-speciality tertiary care private hospital registered with the Ministry of Health, Myanmar that began operations in 2017. Located in the Kamaryut Township, GHIH is one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. It offers tertiary care in over 50 specialities, it has 28 ICU beds and 17 Modular Operating Theatres including 1 Hybrid Operating Theatres, equipped with 24/7 Emergency Department, Birth Unit, Radiation Therapy Unit, Diagnostic Imaging Department and Clinical Laboratory amongst others.

2019 Grand Hantha Consultation Dates

Month Date Day Time

January 19

26-Jan Saturday 9.00am

February 19

23-Feb Saturday 9.00am

March 19

23-Mar Saturday 9.00am

April 19

27-Apr Saturday 9.00am

May 19

25-May Saturday 9.00am

June 19

22-Jun Saturday 9.00am

July 19

27-Jul Saturday 9.00am

August 19

24-Aug Saturday 9.00am

September 19

28-Sept Saturday 9.00am

October 19

26-Oct Saturday 9.00am

November 19

23-Nov Saturday 9.00am

December 19

28-Dec Saturday 9.00am


To make an appointment, please contact:

Grand Hantha International Hospital, Yangon, Myanmar
No.3, Corner of Nar Nat Taw Street
and Kyee Myindaing Kanner Road,
Kamaryut, Yangon, Myanmar