About our Liver Health Screening Service

Liver Health Screening Service
Liver is one of the body’s largest and most vital organ, and it perform over 500 functions. Thus, it is important to take good care of one’s liver.

In Asia, hepatitis and liver cancer are the most common causes of liver damage and liver failure. Moreover, the frequency of liver cancer in Asia is closely linked to chronic Hepatitis B viral infection.

If you wait for warning signs before taking care of your liver, it might already be too late.

Good health cannont be taken for granted. Modern living and lifestyle predisposes us to chronic illnesses. Fortunately, illnesses can be detected early and treated to prevent complications.

An effective way of keeping track of your health is through regular health screening. We offers holistic, comprehensive and a personalised approach to preventive care. Our package is designed to identify risk factors early evidence of liver cancer.


Who should be undergoing the liver health test?

  • On medication that can harm the liver
  • Have liver disease
  • Have symptoms of liver disease (abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, or yellow skin)
  • At-risk alcohol intake
  • Overweight individuals with diabetes and hypertension


For enquiries and appointment, please contact:

Asian American Liver Centre
6A, Napier Road
Gleneagles Hospital, Annexe Block #02-37
Singapore 258500