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A Guide to Your Health Care: Taking Care of Your New Liver

Life After Liver Transplantation

“Congratulations on successfully going through your liver transplant. This was surely not one of the easier journeys of your life, but we will be walking along with you and your family during this recovery. For a quicker and healthier outcome, it is important that you learn to take proper care of yourself. Remember, you are the most important member for the liver transplant team. It is only your active participation that would lead to a successful recovery.” said Dr Tan Kai Chah (Executive Chairman, Asian American Medical Group Ltd and Surgeon, Asian American Liver Centre Pte Ltd)


The guidebook is designed to cater to your particular needs during your recovery process after the liver transplantation. It is advisable to check with your transplant co-ordinator or your nurse for specific guidelines.

Patient Responsibility

As a liver transplant recipient, you should learn the following ways to take proper care of yourself and your new liver.

1. Know your Medications:

  • What doses you are required to take?
  • When are you supposed to take the medications?
  • Why and what to look out for when taking them?

2. Know your transplant coordinator contact details – after your surgery, you should regularly follow up with the clinic.
3. Know how to monitor for problems that require immediate attention: rejection & infection.
4. Know the additional aspects of care that you may require:

  • How to reduce risk for any infection or injuries
  • How to care for a wound
  • How to consume enough nutrients for your body


Contacting Your Transplant Team

Your transplant coordinator will be your contact person for any problems you may encounter during your pre-transplant assessment process and after you leave your hospital post-transplant.

You may coontact them at (65) 6476 2088 or email them at during office hours and at their individual mobile phones after office hours or in an emergency.

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