Harapan Bagi Pasien Penyakit Hati
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Tai Sao Chi Phi Khong Phai La Dieu Quan Trong Nhat
Source: March 2015

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Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery: A non-invasive, outpatient treatment for brain tumours
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Liver Transplantation – A Thoroughly Vetted Process
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Radiosurgery offers hope for treatment of Spinal tumour
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Donor Hati Memberi Kesempatan Kedua
Source : Mount Alvernia, Indonesia, December 2014

A Passion for Surgery – Dr Cheah Yee Lee
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Tranplantasi Hati Donor Hidup Diminati
Source : Metropolis, 5 September 2013

Doctor of the Month – Dr Yvonne Loh
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Coffee and tea may protect your liver
Source: Singapore Silver Pages, 29 August 2013

Cập nhật phương pháp điều trị gan hiện đại
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Surviving Blood Cancer
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Singapore-based doctor helps Mongolia tackle liver crisis
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Asian American Medical Group Ltd announces formalised service agreement to set up Vietnamese American Liver Centre
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Asian Centre of bone marrow transplantation
Source : Health Digest Journal, 26 June 2013

Wide range of services at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore
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Urgent need to deal with liver disease
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ACLDT collaborates with UPMC to set up Comprehensive Transplant Centre
Source: Medical Grapevine Asia, 6 December 2012

More hope for the patients after liver transplant
Source: The Daily Star, 24 November 2012

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UPMC inks Singapore transplant deal
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Gifts of Life – Giving his liver to save his dad & Hauled from the brink of death
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Salah tanggap jadi penyebab ramai tidak derma organ
Source: Berita Harian (Singapore), 30 June 2012

10 doktor Melayu bentuk pasukan sedarkan masyarakat
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Live donor liver transplants offer viable option
Source: The Straits Times, 27 June 2012

Number of patients waiting for liver transplant triples
Source: The Straits Times, 25 June 2012

Demi ibu, hati kudermakan
Source: Berita Harian (Singapore), 23 June 2012

Living donor liver transplants emerging as critical surgical point
Source: Channel News Asia, 19 June 2012

In Singapore organ transplantations is much easier than India
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Singapore doctors share experience in liver transplant in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Medical Tourists flock here from across Asia
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Singapore surgeon, US giant join hands to start transplant unit
Source: The Straits Times, 16 December 2011

Australia-listed liver centre to open comprehensive transplant centre in S’pore
Source: The Business Times, 15 December 2011

Singapore liver doctor sets up transplant centre with US company
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Health tourism and liver transplantation services
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Anak penjual gas pakar bedah hati tersohor dunia
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肝脏移植, 有人可活20年
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Nurturing Human Capabilities in Asian Centre for Liver Diseases & Transplantation
Source: SPRING News, May 2011

Henny Sutanto: Life is about second chances
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肝癌主凶 B型肝炎三大误解
Source: Zaobao Weekend, 6 March 2011



Enhance patient service to succeed
Source: The Straits Times, 15 September 2010

Singapore liver centre launches HCM City satellite clinic
Source: Saigon Times, 12 September 2010

Liver transplant clinic expands to Vietnam
Source: The Business Times, 10 September 2010

Singapore’s mobile docs take expertise overseas
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He’s a doctor without borders
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Doctor plans series of Asian clinics for disease of the poor
Source: South China Morning Post, 30 April 2010

H1 profit up for liver transplant clinic
Source: The Business Times, 22 April 2010