Patient Care


Patient Care

Multi-disciplinary approach
We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach towards patient management and care. Highly experienced teams of specialist physicians, surgeons and allied healthcare professionals work together to ensure that optimum care is provided for our patients.

Comprehensive and seamless patient care
To complement the out-patient facilities of our specialist centres, a dedicated Parkway Asian Transplant Unit located at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore, provides seamless and personalised care for patients who require inpatient ward and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities.

Innovative technology
Telemedicine enables 24/7 access and monitoring of patients’ progress, providing real-time communication between doctors, nurses and patients. In addition, we also collaborate with UPMC on a Pathology Consultation Service that provides comprehensive second opinions for basic anatomic pathology services to offer specialised molecular diagnostic tests in a timely and cost-effective manner.

International patients
To ensure that our overseas patients and their families enjoy ease of transition and peace-of-mind while they receive optimal care and treatment, we provide services such as:

  • 24/7 international emergency air evacuation
  • Accompanying outbound specialist and/or nursing staff during land or air transportation
  • International and local ambulance services
  • Local logistical assistance (such as local accommodation and transportation); passport, visa and repatriation documentation
  • Interpretation service (selected languages)