Brain metastases Program

If left untreated, brain metastases is commonly associated with fatal results. It is a form of cancer which spreads to the brain from another location in the body. Symptoms are not usually obvious and can take the form of various common neurological conditions. In most cases, patients will not be aware of the cancer until it has already spread to the brain. While the diagnosis has a poor prognosis for cure, with the right treatment plan this condition can be a manageable one. The emergency nature of this requires rapid intervention to prevent further harm.

Our specialists use their expertise and experience to target the blood-brain barrier for the preservation of neurological and cognitive functions as well as the optimisation of brain control. A common treatment plan will use a combination of stereotactic radiosurgery, intra-operative navigational systems and new systemic agents. As with all other services, our overall aim is to improve our patient’s quality of life.

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