Virtual Oncology Clinic

Book a Video Consultation with our Cancer Specialists. 

For a comprehensive 2nd opinion review of your clinical management. 

Know your treatment options

Despite the COVID19 pandemic…

There’s no reason for Cancer diagnosis and treatment to be delayed with the existence of our Virtual Oncology Clinic.

We have made it possible to have cancer treatment safe and fast with our highly coordinated one-stop virtual cancer centre, all from the comfort of your home.

This is to minimise unnecessary travelling, physical visits and in-hospital time.

What To Expect During a Virtual Consult?

Flat-Fee Consultation.

Complete review of clinical history.

Discuss Treatment Options - What are the next steps available?

Seamless Entry to Singapore (SG) for eligible International Patients.

Call us today at +65 8101 3838 to book your appointment with our Specialists

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